Taylor Mays trade and costs of turnover

Coaching changes and overall franchise instability tend to have long-term ramifications.

While Aaron Curry's new contract with the Seattle Seahawks comes after an organizational overhaul in the Northwest, Taylor Mays' trade from the San Francisco 49ers to the Cincinnati Bengals reflects changes in Santa Clara.

Mays no longer fit with the 49ers after the team fired coach Mike Singletary and replaced most of his staff. The 49ers made it clear Mays had little value to them when they notified teams throughout the league of the 2010 second-round pick's availability.

Teams had to know Mays would be a candidate for release, but the Bengals aren't exactly the most attractive suitor from a free agent's perspective. That might explain in part why Cincinnati swung a trade instead of taking their chances.

The trade will return an undisclosed draft choice, ESPN's Adam Schefter reports.

Mays joins 49ers castoffs Nate Clements and Manny Lawson on the Bengals.

The 49ers are fortunate most of their 2010 draft class still fits following the change from Singletary to Jim Harbaugh. First-rounders Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati are starters. The team thinks third-round linebacker Navorro Bowman has a bright future. Sixth-rounder Nate Byham was emerging as a top blocking tight end before suffering a season-ending injury.