Why Seattle would wait to cut starter

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Todd asks via Facebook: I am really confused at the Russell move!! They had a known quantity. If they were going to upgrade it, why didn't they do it before camp? Lawyer Milloy has been available and if they felt he made them better, why has it taken so long? This is a real head scratcher for me. Can you shed any light on this move and the rationale behind it?

Mike Sando: As noted in the above-linked item, Jordan Babineaux becomes the projected starter in Russell's old spot at safety. I'd be surprised if the team plugged Milloy into the starting lineup at his age. If the Seahawks wanted a veteran back there, they already had one in Russell.

The Seahawks probably weren't sure entering camp whether they felt comfortable releasing Russell. They wanted to watch him in camp. They knew he was a veteran player who viewed himself as a leader, and it would be hard for him to walk back into the locker room after accepting a backup role with a reduced salary. So they bided their time through camp, decided Babineaux was ready and then reached out to the Tacoma-raised Milloy, who badly wanted to play in Seattle and was willing to accept a role Russell conceivably might have resisted.

That is my general take on the situation. We'll learn specifics from the Seahawks at some point.