Fantasy impact: Seahawks' RB situation

Thoughts on the Seattle Seahawks after checking out ESPN's 300 highest-rated fantasy players for the 2011 season:

The Seattle Seahawks' three highest-rated players weren't on the roster to begin last season, a reflection of how thoroughly the team has turned over its roster.

Marshawn Lynch remains the primary back, but Justin Forsett and Leon Washington are threats to siphon off carries.

Washington is a wild card this season. He's healthier and figures to find less work in the return game following rules changes on kickoffs. The team gave him a four-year deal with a $1.5 million signing bonus and $2 million base salary before those changes went into effect.

New quarterback Tarvaris Jackson ranks 30th out of 32 rated quarterbacks, behind Cam Newton and ahead of John Beck and Andy Dalton. Former Seahawks starter Matt Hasselbeck ranks 25th among quarterbacks, between Ryan Fitzpatrick and Colt McCoy. Charlie Whitehurst is not rated.

Unranked Seahawks sleeper: Whitehurst and tight end John Carlson are two players to consider. Both are backups. Both figure to play this season. Carlson's status became less clear entering the final year of his contract once the team signed Zach Miller. He was a factor in the red zone against New Orleans in the playoffs last season. He was also drafted to play in a passing game closely resembling the one Seattle is installing this season. Whitehurst has shown improvement but should not rank among the top 32 quarterbacks at the moment.

2011 ESPN Fantasy Ranks: Seattle Seahawks