NFC West roided-out rosters: Updated

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

I've updated NFC West rosters to reflect all announced moves and the Seahawks' expected signing of veteran safety Lawyer Milloy.

My 26-column initial 53-man Excel rosters are available for download here. I have also made them available on another server as backup. I have added a sheet listing all players in the division, plus a sheet with a pivot table allowing for further analysis. Disregard references to league averages because I haven't updated rosters for all 32 teams.

These rosters remain fluid. Front-seven counts are scheme-dependent. The Cardinals and 49ers will keep fewer defensive linemen and more linebackers than the Rams or Seahawks, for example.

The counts do not reflect unsigned 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree.

The 49ers will presumably add a fullback and tight end and possibly a tackle. The Rams might add a running back and receiver. The Seahawks surprised me by keeping 11 defensive linemen without saving a spot for Baraka Atkins. Derek Walker, Nick Reed and Michael Bennett beat out Atkins. Seattle kept only six linebackers, but the team has been comfortable with that number in the past.