Gridiron Challenge: Invitation to dominate

The NFC West Gridiron Challenge is back for another season on the NFC West blog.

This is an easy-to-play fantasy game allowing participants to set weekly lineups without restrictions on player availability.

You want Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers? Sign them. Just realize you will have used roughly one-fourth of your $50 million salary allotment right off the top. Player values change based on performance. The cap rewards those who lock in players before values increase.

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb is available for $5.8 million to start the season. Rodgers costs $6.5 million. If you think Kolb will put up better-than-expected numbers, you might consider signing Kolb and then allocating the savings for a more expensive player at another position.

I like this game because there's an opportunity to start fresh each week. If a player on your Week 1 roster suffers a season-ending injury, you'll be affected for that week, but not always so much in the future. Every other receiver in the league would be available to you the following week, provided you had enough cap room.

Dan Graziano of the NFC East blog has added his Gridiron Challenge team to the NFC West competition. My wife plans to participate again after defeating me in the 2010 version of the game. As I noted at the time, "No victory is too small when you're married to me."

The chart shows initial values for the highest-priced players from the NFC West. Quarterbacks cost more in general.

2011 Gridiron Challenge Prices