Video: Skip Bayless doesn't rattle Peterson

Arizona Cardinals rookie cornerback Patrick Peterson showed veteran moxie in rolling with a potentially sensitive question from ESPN's Skip Bayless during "First Take" on Wednesday.

As a bigger corner, Peterson told Bayless he would have no problem moving to safety in the future if his weight became an issue, but that isn't the plan and the Cardinals haven't spoken to him about it. This could have been a sensitive subject for a cover cornerback, but Peterson handled it deftly when Bayless asked about it.

Peterson laughed along when Stephen A. Smith playfully tried to incite Peterson by referring to Bayless' prediction that St. Louis would win the NFC West this season.

Peterson has generally kept a low profile since coming to the Cardinals as the fifth player chosen in the NFL draft. The spotlight doesn't seem to faze him.

The Cardinals need more than anticipated from Peterson early in the season. The rookie's ascension into the Cardinals' starting lineup was inevitable. The team was still going to make him earn it, at least until Greg Toler's season-ending injury accelerated Peterson's move into the lineup for Week 1.