Podcast: Patrick Willis with Doug Gottlieb

Passing along: a link to audio for Patrick Willis' conversation with ESPN's Doug Gottlieb on Monday.

Willis echoed what Delanie Walker and other 49ers players have said regarding coach Jim Harbaugh's approach on game day:

Coach Harbaugh, he was himself. He is the same way he is in practice. In practice he doesn't have to yell at no referees, but he is the same guy. That is one thing I love about him as a head coach. You don't have to come in and have a split personality every day. You know what guy you are going to get every day and that is a good thing as far as the mental side of the game. He's doing well.

New coaches tend to possess qualities their predecessors did not, by design. Mike Singletary had strengths, but keeping an even keel emotionally was not one of them.