You called it: Fearless predictions (Week 2)

Fontroe2 dropped a good question among the nearly 650 comments trailing the "You called it" predictions item from Week 1.

"How does Sando keep up with all these various formats of predictions?" he asked. "It must take hours to get it right. ESPN should really automate this with software."

Automation would be great, sure, but these predictions aren't all that hard to sort through. I view all the comments at once, copy them, then paste them into a Word file. At that point, I search for numbers reflected in final scores from NFC West games. It takes a few minutes to run through them all, particularly when there are common scores involved.

We had a few participants come quite close to predicting correct scores and outcomes for NFC West games in Week 1.

Dark C2 and Nawabi24 had the Philadelphia Eagles beating the St. Louis Rams by a 31-14 score (31-13 actual). 91hawksfan had the Arizona Cardinals posting a 28-20 victory against Carolina (28-21 actual). Others also came close, but there were no winners.

Let's try this again for Week 2. I'll add your user name to the Wall of Fame below if you predict scores and outcomes for the following games involving NFC West teams:

I'll make my score predictions Friday, with a look back at how things went in Week 1.