McNabb's durabilty vs. Rams' pass rush

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The Rams' pass rush is clearly their strength on defense as long as left end Leonard Little remains healthy. La'Roi Glover remains a potential force from the inside, while James Hall is healthy and hungry after the team drafted Chris Long to replace him at right end.

Teams must earn the right to rush the passer by holding up against the run on early downs. Can the Rams do this against Brian Westbrook and the Eagles on Sunday? If they can, should the Eagles worry about Donovan McNabb's ability to stay healthy at age 31? McNabb has missed 15 games over the last three seasons. He turns 32 in November.

I asked Eagles coach Andy Reid about McNabb's durability during a conference call Wednesday. Specifically, I wondered if the Eagles would make any adjustments in scheme or approach to keep McNabb healthy. Reid sounded unconcerned.

Reid on McNabb's injuries: "Some of these things are kind of freak things. You run out of bounds and your foot catches in the tarp over there and you tweak your ACL. I mean, how often does that happen? It's kind of crazy things that have happened to him. Sometimes those things come in cycles. The way I look at it is, he might not be hurt again the rest of his career. You don't know that. These weren't things where he was just out and he made a cut and blew a knee out or somebody hit him on the thing. It's not that type of situation."

As noted Monday, McNabb has thrown 28 touchdowns with only four interceptions in September games over the last four seasons. The numbers dip to 25 touchdowns with 13 interceptions in October, 17 touchdowns with nine interceptions in November and 14 touchdowns with four interceptions in December (all since 2004).