Sorting through NFL fines from Week 1

The NFL levied no fines Richard Marshall, Clark Haggans or Madieu Williams even though all incurred memorable personal-foul penalties in Week 1.

That's an indication the NFL thought their plays were made within the rules.

The penalty against Marshall, the Arizona Cardinals cornerback, wiped out an interception shortly before halftime against Carolina. The Panthers scored two plays later, taking a 14-7 lead.

Officials said Williams, the San Francisco 49ers' veteran safety, struck Seattle Seahawks tight end Anthony McCoy in the head. Replays showed otherwise.

The chart sorts through personal-foul penalties levied against players involved in NFC West games last week, according to the NFL.

Philadelphia's Trent Cole and St. Louis C.J. Ah You each incurred $15,000 fines for hits on opposing quarterbacks during the Rams-Eagles game.

2011 NFL Fines: Week 1