Preliminary report from Green Lot at FedEx

LANDOVER, Md. -- It's been a memorable last 90 minutes or so from the green lot at FedEx Field, where Facebook friend and Arizona Cardinals fan Darius Salimi does, indeed, serve the world's best tailgate hummus, as promised.

The white Pat Tillman jersey Darius is wearing made him stand out from the growing crowd of Washington Redskins fans gearing up for this Week 2 matchup between former NFC East rivals.

I've collected some video from Darius and his crew of Redskins fans: Mary Pat Abraham, Tim Holley and their friends, Matt and Arista Maher. The experience wouldn't have been complete without the Redskins' famous marching band nearly trampling me on my way back to the stadium. Once they passed, I ran across Howard Churchill, also know as "Howiette the Hogette" for the past 21 years. We talked about the game, about being a hog and about the charity the Hogettes support through liveunited.org.

FedExs lacks the history of RFK Stadium, but there's still a great feel of tradition in the parking lots outside the stadium.

First, though, some inside information on that hummus.

"The key to good tailgate hummus is to throw out all your recipes," Darius said. "You need a whole bunch of cumin and here is the secret ingredient: Zatarain's Creole Seasoning."

I'll vouch for that.