Lonely Cards fan has much to cheer about

LANDOVER, Md. -- At least one fan in the stands at FedEx Field likes what he's seeing from the Arizona Cardinals to this point.

Darius Salimi, NFC West blog participant since 2008, wore his Cardinals' Pat Tillman jersey proudly in the parking lot before kickoff. We connected on Facebook before the game and hung out in the Green Lot outside the stadium.

The Cardinals have taken a 7-0 lead against the Redskins thanks to two Rex Grossman interceptions and Jeff King's second touchdown reception in as many games for the Cardinals. Washington is driving deep in Cardinals territory as I prepare to post this item, but they'll settle for a field goal after Arizona's defense held. Update: Lonely Cards fan has less to cheer about now that the Redskins have taken a 10-7 lead.

I shot a couple videos before the game, one showing the scene as Darius, the lone Cardinals fan in his group, tailgated with friends Matt and Arista Maher, Tim Holley and Mary Pat Abraham.

The second video features Howard Churchill, one of the famed "Hogettes" for the last couple decades.

Hope you enjoy while watching the NFL action in Week 2.

Video One here.

Video Two here.