Clock ticks for aging Rams

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando
The Rams take one of the NFL's oldest rosters to Philadelphia for the season opener. Only New Orleans and Washington are older from one through 53.

Bill Coats of Around the Horns pointed out the Rams' drafting problems in recent years. The chart, based on rosters as they stood Thursday, confirms as much. The Rams have the NFL's third-oldest backups on each side of the ball. That's not ideal for a team coming off a 3-13 season and lacking depth.

The Eagles have the NFL's 17th-oldest roster, 22nd-oldest starters, 15th-oldest starting offense and 26th-oldest starting defense. They have the 16th-oldest backups on offense and 17th-oldest backups on defense.

The Eagles have 33 of their own draft choices on their roster, most in the league (the Rams have 22, which ranks 26th). The Rams have 15 players age 30 or older. The Eagles have 10. The league average is 10.8.

Rams players in their 30s: starters La'Roi Glover (34.1), Leonard Little (33.8), Orlando Pace (32.8), Corey Chavous (32.6), Torry Holt, (32.2), Marc Bulger (31.4), Fakhir Brown (30.9) and receiver Drew Bennett (30.0); backups Trent Green (38.1), Gary Stills (34.1), Chris Draft (32.5), Dane Looker (32.3), James Hall (31.5), Dan Kreider (31.4) and Anthony Becht (31.0). Dante Hall and Todd Johnson turn 30 during the season.

Chart note: The Cardinals' defensive age rankings are a bit skewed with Bryan Robinson, 34, expected to start at nose tackle. Gabe Watson, who turns 25 this month, was expected to start this season. He's coming off knee surgery.