Crabtree's throwing sessions in perspective

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

No need to get excited, 49ers fans.

First-round draft choice Michael Crabtree's throwing sessions with retired quarterback Trent Dilfer took place three weeks ago and therefore do not foreshadow any immediate plans to sign a contract and report to the 49ers. Crabtree

According to Dilfer, now an ESPN analyst, a mutual acquaintance he declined to identify arranged two roughly 90-minute throwing sessions at Valley Christian High School in San Jose. Crabtree is staying in the area and Dilfer lives nearby, so the arrangement was convenient.

"The kid wanted to catch some live balls," Dilfer said. "I had not thrown in 15 months, but I was more than happy to take the arm off ice."

Dilfer said he could not remember which days he threw to Crabtree, only that the sessions would have been on back-to-back days between Aug. 17 and Aug. 23. He said he did not discuss with Crabtree the lingering contract dispute between Crabtree and the 49ers.

"We went through the route tree and probably threw 50 routes each day," Dilfer said. "I do not want to make definitive statements based on grass basketball, but it was impressive. He was very, very fit. I crushed him, basically, in terms of the tempo, the expectation. I treated him like a five-year vet going through the route tree and he did not blink.

"He looked great -- very healthy, very strong, very fit, very coachable, very polished route runner and he had a great attitude. He showed very strong hands, attacked the ball in the air, never let one ball get into his body in two days."

What does it mean? Not much.

My take might change if Crabtree were suddenly tuning up his game a few days before the regular season. That was not the case, and so the waiting game continues.