The borderline giddy Pete Carroll

Writing the Seattle Seahawks' day-after-defeat silver linings file for Week 4 shouldn't be too tough.

Coach Pete Carroll practically wrote it Sunday. He was as thrilled as a coach could be following a 30-28 defeat to the Atlanta Falcons.

Let's run through three glass-half-full comments from Carroll:

  • On this defeat relative to a 13-10 victory over Arizona last week: "Last week was terrific to get the win, but we gained more today, and I think we proved more today."

  • After allowing no sacks: "The offensive line protected the quarterback all day long, and that’s a big step."

  • On Tarvaris Jackson's 319-yard, three-touchdown performance: "I’m not surprised at all by the way he played today. This is the guy we watched and thought he could be. He hasn’t had the chance yet to open up, and he throws for 300 today, and that’s not a big deal for him. He can do that again."

There's no question the Seahawks needed their offense to come alive, and it happened in the second half of this game. To what degree it's repeatable and "no big deal" for Jackson in particular remains unclear. This was the third game in a row Atlanta's defense failed to collect a sack, an obvious factor in the Seahawks' favor. I would expect additional 300-yard games as part of the broader NFL trend; there have been 44 such games through Week 4, 19 more than during the first four weeks of any season.