Revisiting the battle for Houshmandzadeh

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Seahawks CEO Tod Leiweke relayed second hand a story about the lengths to which the Vikings supposedly went to prevent T.J. Houshmandzadeh from returning to Seattle during free agency.

Leiweke: "This is a guy that could have gone anywhere. In fact, left our building and went to Minnesota. The story is true that he took his watch off, gave it to (coach Jim) Mora and said, 'I'll be back to get this.' But an honorable guy, in that he had promised Minnesota he would go there. The word we heard is that he was actually in their building, he wanted to come back to our place, we sent a car for him and someone in their building sent someone out to get in the car to head to the airport, but it wasn’t T.J. So, the driver realized he had the wrong guy in the car and by the time we had another car there, he had missed the flight."

Houshmandzadeh still wound up signing with the Seahawks, while the relationship between the Seahawks and Vikings -- defined by the struggle over Steve Hutchinson -- remained warm as ever. 710ESPN Seattle has the audio.