Playoffs? Cue Mora rant on 1-4 Cardinals

With apologies to the elder Jim Mora, who famously intoned against playoff talk for the Indianapolis Colts team he was coaching years ago, I'll size up the Arizona Cardinals' postseason chances in two words.

Not likely.

Five of the previous 100 teams to start 1-4 earned postseason berths, all since 1990.

As the chart from ESPN Stats & Information shows, the Cardinals will be looking to become the sixth team to do so since the postseason format expanded to 12 teams in 1990. Four of the previous five were coming off winning records the previous season, identifying them, at least potentially, as good teams that started poorly.

The Cardinals have gone 3-13 in their past 16 games. They were 5-11 last season.

Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Denver, Minnesota and Carolina are also 1-4 this season.

1990-2010 Playoff Teams Overcoming 1-4 Starts