Projecting the Seahawks' record, revisited

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Four potential "swing" games stand out when taking a final look at the Seahawks' schedule heading into the regular season.

I've highlighted those games in red while projecting individual game outcomes, a task made no less enjoyable by its futility:

Week 1: win vs. Rams

Week 2: lose at 49ers

Week 3: win vs. Bears

Week 4: lose at Colts

Week 5: win vs. Jaguars

Week 6: win vs. Cardinals

Week 7: bye

Week 8: lose at Dallas

Week 9: win vs. Lions

Week 10: lose at Cardinals

Week 11: lose at Vikings

Week 12: win at Rams

Week 13: win vs. 49ers

Week 14: lose at Texans

Week 15: win vs. Bucs

Week 16: lose at Packers

Week 17: lose vs. Titans

That would get Seattle to 8-8, one game better than I foresaw as likely in April. Matt Hasselbeck's health so far might explain the difference. I think it makes the Seahawks more likely to beat the Cardinals at home in Week 6. I could see them winning at Houston and at home against the Titans. For Seattle, no record between 7-9 and 10-6 would surprise me.