Projecting the Rams' record, revisited

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The Rams could improve this season and still conceivably take an 0-7 record into Detroit.

Don't take my word for it. Look at the schedule.

It is plausible to think Vegas might see the Rams as underdogs in every game they play this season. You know Lions fans are counting that Week 8 game against the Rams as one of their potential victories in 2009.

I think it's important -- and possible, if not likely -- for the Rams to make an early statement as they redefine expectations. But it's still tough to find more than four victories on the Rams' schedule based on what we think we know.

I've bolded projected Rams victories while marking potential "swing" games in red:

Week 1: lose at Seattle

Week 2: lose at Washington

Week 3: lose vs. Green Bay

Week 4: lose at San Francisco

Week 5: lose vs. Minnesota

Week 6: lose at Jacksonville

Week 7: lose vs. Indianapolis

Week 8: win at Detroit

Week 9: bye

Week 10: win vs. New Orleans

Week 11: lose vs. Arizona

Week 12: lose vs. Seattle

Week 13: lose at Chicago

Week 14: lose at Tennessee

Week 15: win vs. Houston

Week 16: lose at Arizona

Week 17: lose vs. 49ers

Do I think the Rams will go 0-7 to open the Steve Spagnuolo era? No. Can I reasonably project a Rams victory against any one of their first seven opponents, particularly with three of the first four on the road? Not without getting creative.

The Rams will surprise some teams this season. I could see them returning from their bye week to beat the Saints with a strong ground game. I think they could win a couple of games in the division. But it's probably tough even for a Rams fan to project immediate success as the Rams rebuild.

In retrospect, the 6-10 projection made in April seems optimistic.

How is my logic flawed?