2011 Gridiron Challenge: Cutting Rodgers?

Inside the 2011 NFC West Gridiron Challenge after Week 7:

  • Leader: mboles52, for a fourth week in a row, but only by one point over msclemons67, who came on strong with 172 points in Week 7. mboles52 got no points from Darren McFadden and one point from Miles Austin during a 127-point week.

  • High score of the week: Untouchable, with 185 points, thanks to 40 points from Arian Foster, 31 from DeMarco Murray and 21 from Tim Tebow. Well played.

  • My team: tied for 280th out of 1,596 entries, 83.0 percentile. Up from 306th and 81.5 percentile. I'm tied with a team called "SandoBlasters" and took notice upon learning that "blongdin99" was this Sando-blasting team's owner. blongdin99 would be Brett Longdin, one of our editors at ESPN.com. Brett lays out MVP Watch, How they voted and other NFC West blog staples when he's not plotting my Gridiron Challenge demise. Speaking my demise, my team managed a middling 118 points despite zero points from McFadden and two bye-week filler pickups from the NFC West, Doug Baldwin and Lance Kendricks.

  • My wife's team: tied for 584th place, 64.8 percentile. Down from 512th place and 68.9 percentile. She got 10 total points from her running backs and appears to be in a free fall, hopefully.

  • Dan Graziano's team: tied for 408th place, 75.1 percentile. Up from 466th and 71.3, which was up from 624th and 61.3. Graziano is making a run. His team tied mine with 118 points.

  • Note of the week: Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers head into their bye week, forcing difficult decisions for owners looking to maximize value. I added Rodgers for $6.5 million of the $50 million allotment before the season, cutting him this week even though his value had climbed to $7.9 million. It's tough taking zero points from a quarterback in any week. Advice from Tom Carpenter: "If you are just competing with a group of friends, maybe you can take the zero this week for the long-term benefit of maintaining his low contract value. If, however, you are aiming for the top score in the entire Gridiron Challenge, then you may need to move on."

I'm going with Joe Flacco and Cam Newton at quarterback this week. Flacco faces Arizona's struggling pass defense. If he tanks, my decision to cut Rodgers will be a costly one.