Three ways the 49ers are making history

A few San Francisco 49ers notes from Elias Sports Bureau via Frederick P. Soft:

  • The 49ers are the first team in 91 years to score, but not allow, a rushing touchdown in each of their first seven games of a season. The Buffalo All-Americans accomplished the feat in 1920 against a schedule featuring nonleague teams.

  • Frank Gore joins Larry Johnson, O.J. Simpson and Terrell Davis as the only players since 1970 to reach at least 125 yards rushing and one rushing touchdown in four consecutive games. Johnson (2005) and Simpson (1975) made it five games. Davis (1998) and Gore (2011) are at four.

  • The 49ers, at 6-1, have tied the best record through seven games for a team that lost at least 10 games the previous season. The New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers were the last teams to accomplish the feat, both in 2004.

The 49ers have matched their 2010 total for victories. Last season, they claimed their sixth victory in a Week 17 game played Jan. 2 of this year. They are 64 days ahead of schedule.