49ers miss playoffs? Chances 0.2 percent

The weekly 2012 NFL Playoff PredictorInsider breaks down all the percentages for Insider subscribers.

I've broken out the NFC West info.

2011 Playoff Probabilities

No surprise here. The San Francisco 49ers have a 99.8 percent chance at qualifying for the playoffs, up 4.7 points from last week. The 49ers' percentage is highest in the NFL, higher even than the percentage for the 7-0 Green Bay Packers.

The model projects a 12-4 record for San Francisco (sorry Merril Hoge). The 49ers can thank the NFC West for that. The rest of the division is pretty much playing for draft position unless the 49ers suddenly collapse.

Thanks to Nik Bonaddio and Keith Goldner for doing the math.