Programming note: Setting up for Week 9

Good morning and welcome to Week 9 on the NFC West blog.

I'll be watching and analyzing division games from the NFC West command center, also know as my home office. I'm booked for three trips to San Francisco between Weeks 10-15 and could end up there in Week 13 as well, depending on how things are going.

The chart breaks down NFC West schedules. I've bolded the games I've attended or have booked travel to attend. I wound up bagging a trip to Green Bay for the Rams' game there after St. Louis started slowly and the 49ers' game at Detroit that week became a can't-miss proposition. The Rams were a tough team to schedule early in the season because they played no division games through Week 8.

I'll post wrap-ups from the three NFC West games Sunday. If you haven't made your predictions, there's still a little time to do so here.


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