Mailbag: Koren Robinson and Seattle

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Mike B. from Los Angeles writes: OK Sando, I hate to bring it up, but let's face it. Koren Robinson is the best option for the Seahawks at WR. he knows the offense, the coaches, the QB and he can return kicks. It's a huge gamble, but as legendary military leader Bill Adama put it, "sometimes you gotta roll the hard 8."

Mike Sando: I tend to agree with you. I just think Seattle has burned that bridge, turned that page, closed that chapter -- choose your own cliché. It's an upset if they sign him back, in my view. But I would be tempted if Robinson had truly changed. As for the coaches, quite a few have changed since Robinson was with Seattle.

We've mentioned Joe Horn and Keenan McCardell, but Seattle did not move on them right away.

Derrick from Tacoma, Wash., writes: Sando, love the blog, great coverage of the NFC West. Just had a thought I wanted to run by you, the Seahawks are probably wishing they could find a veteran free agent wide receiver familiar with the West Coast offense, right? What do you think are the chances Koren Robinson's name is at the top of that short list...?
Mike Sando: I'd be surprised if his name were atop the list, but as noted, it makes some sense and could be a feel-good story if Robinson truly has turned around his life.

Philip from Olympia writes: With Burleson out for the season, what do you think of Seahawks signing Koren Robinson? He knows the system and given his off the field issues, I bet he's looking for a little redemption.
Mike Sando: Agreed. But to my knowledge, the Seahawks have not reached out to Robinson so far.

Eric from Denver writes: Mike, The Hawks are clearly in dire straits at WR now, what are the chances they trade another #1 for a top tier WR (Say Chad Ocho Cinco), do they go to the free agent pool for the likes of Joe Horn or Samie Parker, or do they try to wait for Branch and Engram and hope they can bleed their way through the next few weeks?
Mike Sando: I don't see that type of trade happening, largely because those other teams haven't been interested in unloading their unhappy receivers. As for Seattle, the Seahawks already shipped a first-round choice to New England for Deion Branch.

Seth from Lincoln, Neb., writes: well I'm a diehard hawks fan from nebraska, born and raised, what your thoughts on the hawks picking up Maurice Purify off waivers, he's big, has hands and speed, i know it's another young guy but stick him on special teams with forsett and throw him in at reciever, he was in a version of the west coast offense at Nebraska under Callahan, I think he could be a big weapon, what do you think?
Mike Sando: Just about anyone sounds good at this point. I've never seen the receiver position this decimated in Seattle and I'm struggling to remember a similar scenario elsewhere.

Ken from Bellevue, Wash., writes: The situation with the Seahawks WR's is unique indeed but the schedule is about as favorable as it can get. Two home games vs terrible NFC west teams and then the Bye week. Our young WR's will be in a familiar field and the comforts of home. They just need to get through the next two weeks without any further injuries and hopefully 2 wins, shortly after Engram and Branch will be return and hopefully disaster averted. A big concern is also when Locklear can return, the line needs him back badly. Getting Babineaux and Bernard will obviously help next week. Im not ready to sound the alarm yet, yes they have a tough road ahead and some huge uncertainty but they (and the fans) need to take these next 2 games 1 at a time. Bright point is that Carlson looks to be improving, and Seneca can be utilized at WR for the short term. And Qwest gives them an advantage, our defense always plays better at home. Go Seahawks!
Mike Sando: The 49ers aren't as terrible as you might assume. They are physical on both sides of the ball. They can put eight in the box, force Seattle to pass and cover with Nate Clements and Walt Harris. The 49ers can also run the ball with Frank Gore. Sure, Seattle should win that game at home. I could see the 49ers' passing game struggling in that environment. But what makes you think the Seattle offense is going to hit stride suddenly?

Brett from Bonney Lake, Wash., writes: Hey Mike, how about the Seahawks signing Koren Robinson? He knows the system, and can also return kicks which is something the Hawks could use as well. He isn't the "nice guy" Ruskell likes, but by the time another veteran figures out the playbook Engram and Branch will be back.
Mike Sando: The Seahawks do consider Robinson to be a nice guy. They like him personally. As you know (and as you probably meant), they grew weary of the off-field stuff. I'm not sure how wise it would be to throw him back into the same city where things went so terribly wrong for him. But I would be tempted to give him another chance under the circumstances.

Scott from Bremerton, Wash., writes: Sandman, Would seem like a poor decision to put Branch on the field for the Rams in Week 3. Why bring a guy back from injury, especially to play the worst team in the league, when you have a BYE week right afterwards? At this point, wouldn't it be a smarter decision to keep him out until the Giants in Week 5? Also, is Seneca a good enough receiver to fill the gap in the short term?
Mike Sando: I do think Seattle would be wise to give Branch and Burleson the bye week to get ready. The Seahawks just need to weather the storm in the short term. Seneca Wallace is a special athlete. He also knows the offense from a quarterback's perspective, which helps very much in my view. I would try him at receiver, yes.

Ben from Costa Mesa, Calif., writes: Have you heard of any possible trades for a receiver such as Roy Williams?
Mike Sando: I have not. Seattle gets Branch and Engram back in the next couple weeks. I don't anticipate a major move for a front-line wideout.

Duke from Portland, Ore., writes: Sandsonite, The concern with Forsett has alway been his size. Now that the 'Hawks are out their punt returner (Burleson) for the year and just got done watching Roscoe Parrish run all over them, do you think we'll get to see him back there next week?
Mike Sando: I'm not sure how the 45-man roster will shake out given all the changes.

Kraig from Puyallup, Wash., writes: I'd like to bring up a long shot idea for the Hawks' WR problem: Koren Robinson. I know, it's nutty, but... He's a return threat, he knows the Hawks, and it's not like he's Chris Henry. Flame the idea, if you must. But we're getting desperate here -- even if we get Branch back. I also think it's time to bring Bumpus up. We know preseason performance doesn't necessary translate to the regular season. But a lack of preseason performance apparently translates all too well, e.g., Courtney Taylor.
Mike Sando: You are not alone, my friend. I would think all options would be on the table. That one does not appear likely at this time, however.

Ryan from Buenos Aires, Argentina, writes: I have to say I wasn't too happy about the way the Seattle receivers performed! I was only able to listen to it as I am living in Argentina but from the sounds of it they were dropping everything that came their way. No matter what anybody says they were definitely nervous. I do still have high hopes for them and they certainly will get more opportunities which I think they will take advantage of when they calm down a bit. My question is do you see them relaxing a bit more next week or do you think it could take until the cardinals game for them to settle in and gain some confidence? Horrific line play it sounded like too!
Mike Sando: The receiver situation almost has to improve. I can't see NFL receivers playing any worse, particularly since this next game is at home. The line play was a little mystifying. Chris Spencer seemed to have some problems.