A Rodgers-Smith note 49ers fans can enjoy

One of our ESPN Stats & Information analysts, John McTigue, was recently researching Aaron Rodgers' record-setting season when another quarterback from the 2005 NFL draft class surfaced unexpectedly.

Turns out the San Francisco 49ers' Alex Smith, not Rodgers, is the NFL player with the lowest percentage of pass attempts resulting in interceptions or passes defended, the latter defined as when a defender is the primary reason for an incomplete pass that otherwise likely would have been completed.

Smith has 206 attempts with two interceptions and 10 other passes defended. That works out to 5.8 percent, best in the league -- Rodgers is second -- and a dramatic improvement from past seasons.

The percentages for Smith were 10.5 last season and 15.9 in 2009.

Another Smith-related note: At 7-1 as a starter, Smith has tied his season-high total for victories in a season. He was 7-9 in 2006. A victory over the New York Giants on Sunday would ensure the 49ers' second non-losing season since 2002.

The 2009 team finished 8-8. Smith was 5-5 as a starter that year, with Shaun Hill going 3-3.