Justin Tuck: Alex Smith 'playing decent'

Thought I'd pass along Pro Bowl defensive end Justin Tuck's thoughts on Alex Smith and the San Francisco 49ers' offense.

Tuck, whose New York Giants face the 49ers at Candlestick Park, is coming off a game against Tom Brady. His thoughts on Smith:

"He is a guy who they are trying to keep out of position to win the football game. Obviously, with a back like Frank Gore and the O-Line keeping them in third-and-short situations and even if it is third-and-6 or 7, they still feel that they can pick it up running.

"I think they are asking Alex not to lose the game. He is playing decent with 10 touchdowns and two picks. He is not putting them in situations where they are going to be pinned back or their defense is going to be put in bad situations.

"If they get in field-goal range, they are going to run the ball and make sure they come away with some points. If they are not in, they are going to run the ball and make sure they punt to put their defense in good positions to stop the offense."

Sando's take: With a quarterback like that, the 49ers will have a hard time overcoming a big second-half deficit or beating a good team with a winning drive in the final minutes. And they'll never blow out an opponent on the strength of a superior passing performance.

Just not going to happen.