In your words: 50 things to like about Shaun Hill

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Turns out more than a few people could name five things they love about Shaun Hill beyond that glittering 8-3 record as the 49ers' starting quarterback. Hill

'Reesh' dropped a note via Facebook with his own top 5 list in descending order:

5. He plays with real heart. Remember the run against Arizona for the first down in last year's Monday nighter.

4. At every step of his career, obstacles have been placed in his way, but he always overcomes them.

3. Shaun Hill is the Rodney Dangerfield of quarterbacks. He doesn't get any respect, but he always gets the job done and has the full confidence of his teammates.

2. In an age of diva-like athletes (eg: Michael Crabtree), Hill is a refreshing change. He's a modest and simple guy. When people would ask what he does for a living, he would tell them he was a UPS driver. (I don't know if he still does that.)

1. Most importantly, he's a 49er.

Fans of other teams in the division might be struggle with that last one, but the UPS driver analogy is right on based on what we saw from Jimmy Raye in the opener. That offense was as sleek as a big brown delivery truck. At least it got the job done.

Five more from Steven Schiro, also via Facebook:

1. Finds ways to win and makes the plays when our back is up against the wall (not just last week, but against the Rams and Redskins in particular last year).

2. Never loses his cool and remains calm under pressure (No picks last week and if you take out the Rams game, he has excellant ball security)

3. Is a team leader; our guys really respect him, come together around him, and play better because of him, more so than any other 49ers QB since Steve Young

4. is a role model and a genuinely nice and humble guy; with all the characters in the NFL right now, he is one who has a work ethic and personality you can look up to

5) Is 8-3 as a starter and 5-0 at home (the Redskins comeback victory was the first 49er game I've been to in my life when they've won - I'm 0-5 before Hill, and 1-0 with him)

Five more from Rowland Mosbergen, also via Facebook:

1. Keeps his eyes downfield when experiencing pressure in the pocket or when the play breaks down

2. Has the confidence and courage and trust in receivers to release the ball before they come out of their break (see TD pass to Darrell Jackson, Vernon Davis TD over Adrian Wilson).

3. Plays within himself most of the time and therefore cuts down on mistakes. When he plays terrible he is either trying to impress his family (@STL last year) or make plays (shovel pass to Gore intercepted by Adrian Wilson).

4. Willing to stand up and be counted / doesn't let mistakes ruin his confidence (@STL)

5. Isn't afraid to take a hit (@ARI when his helmet fell off)

Five more from The Celestial:

1. Humble

2. Determined

3. Controls the field

4. Low turnovers

5. Uh...nice hair?

Deanrosewa admits he is "slowly becoming a believer in this Hill character" before providing this list:

1. For some reason he makes the niners a better.

2. He wins.

3. He is one of the most productive QBs to put on a Niners uniform in the last decade.

4. He is not costing the Niners millions and millions

5. He doesn't turn the ball over much.

Five more from danielchayet:

1. Great Leader

2. Very Careful with the ball, is NOT mistake prone.

3. Understand situational football. Knows how many yards he needs on 3rd down and gets them.

4. Spreads the ball around, has no favorites, always keeps the defense guessing.

5. Surprisingly accurate. Ummmmm that pass to Isaac Bruce??? What about some of those passes to VD....30% of NFL QB's don't make all of those passes.

Five more from yaboyp99:

1. He does whatever it takes to move the chains

2. He motivates and creates a sence of urgency in the huddle

3. He makes excellent pre-snap reads

4. He can extend a play with by being Elusive

5. He's 8-3 as a starter

6. He's undefeated in 09!!!

Five more from iamamacrae:

1) consistency. He won't have a game like Cutler, Stafford, Delhomme.

2) mental toughness of a starting QB.

3) no one respects him, but he feeds off of it and it makes him a better QB.

4) 3rd down conversions (where did he rank last year in these in the NFL?).

5) to echo UCDavis, he did grow a pretty sweet 'stache for the throwback game

Five more from sukobiru:

1. He makes good decisions -- I don't worry about him panicking and throwing the ball into a crowd.

2. He is a leader -- When he needs to pull the offensive unit around him he does, and they respond.

3. He is coachable -- He follows the game planned out for him and respects the feedback given him by his coaches and teammates.

4. He coaches his team -- Hill will bring a teammate in line if he needs to.

5. He finds a way to win -- Winners want the ball when the game is on the line. I've never seen him shy away from a challenge.

Bonus: I've never seen this guy not compete. Granted, I am not there on the sidelines and I am just an armchair observer, but this guy doesn't quit. Shaun Hill may not be able to win every game, but I know he wants to win every game and believes his team can win every game.

Five more from manga1925:

5. Career Passer Rating (90)

4. Leadership (15 play, 80 yard game winning drive)

3. Toughness

2. Winning Percentage (75%)

1. 80's Mustache (well kinda)