Chat wrap: Trap game for the 49ers?

One of my Facebook friends asked whether the Seattle-St. Louis game was the NFL's least inspiring matchup this week. He must have missed that 4-0 showing from the NFC West in Week 10.

I mean, how many other games this week feature two teams coming off victories the previous week? Only one other game does, and that would be ... Arizona at San Francisco. OK, then, let's hit some chat highlights:

Travis from Tucson, Ariz., wonders how Carlos Rogers could stand only fourth in fan voting for the Pro Bowl. He asked to see vote totals, available through Nov. 15.

Mike Sando: Charles Woodson leads the way with 298,376 votes in fan balloting through Nov. 15. Chris Houston is next with not quite 150,000. Nnamdi Asomugha is third with around 125,000. Rogers is fourth at 78,072 and Charles Tillman is close behind at 70,496. Rogers just needs to keep doing what he's been doing. A big game at Baltimore on Thanksgiving would serve notice on a national stage.

Jason from Rochester, N.Y., thinks the Seattle Seahawks' approach at quarterback could suggest they're waiting for Green Bay's Matt Flynn to become a free agent after the season. Seattle general manager John Schneider has ties to the Packers, and under this scenario the Seahawks could draft a pass-rusher in the first round.

Mike Sando: It's an interesting theory, but I'm not yet convinced the Seahawks' management thinks enough of Flynn to make him the starter. The point you raise is worth keeping in the back of our minds. I just think the team will be more likely to draft a quarterback with more obvious physical talent.

Matt from Wilmington, N.C., sees Laurent Robinson playing well for San Diego and wonders why the St. Louis Rams did not keep Robinson.

Mike Sando: Robinson had trouble staying healthy. He also had only 6.8 receptions per drop last season, which ranked 63rd out of 83 players with at least five receptions in 2010, according to ESPN Stats & Information. He simply wasn't very good with the Rams.

Steve from Palisades Park, N.J., asks which game on the 49ers' schedule looks most like a "trap" game.

Mike Sando: Let's start with this one Sunday against a Cardinals team that has won its last two games, has shown an ability to strike down the field, is getting better pressure on opposing quarterbacks and has the ability to score on special teams. I've been wondering if the 49ers would have an off game, or a game where the other team surprises them. Has not really happened yet. Do not think it is likely to happen, but with a Thanksgiving game against Baltimore on the horizon, it's possible.

This would be a bold week to pick a Cardinals upset. Imagine the quarterback discussion in Arizona if John Skelton emerged with his third consecutive victory in Kevin Kolb's absence.