You called it: Fearless predictions (Week 12)

The San Francisco 49ers' game Thursday night is moving up the timetable for our weekly predictions item.

Those with Thanksgiving-related plans for the next couple days will have an easier time participating now that this item is open for business. Those using the comments section of this item to correctly predict winners and final scores for all Week 12 games involving NFC West teams will earn a spot on the Wall of Fame.

I'm not sure how, but I apparently missed a few winners from the previous week. Their names -- Johnny Alcatraz, bklopfer2, guindi31190, manga1925, stephenjr311 and the ever-classy cakefarter -- have been added to the Wall. Given that our comments section allows for editing, I've started copying and pasting into a Word file all the comments once games kick off. I'll do that on Thursday for all 49ers-related predictions. Those making predictions on the other NFC West games can do so until Sunday.

If I missed your correct prediction from Week 11, let me know. I saved a copy of the predictions and can take another look.

A look at the games on the schedule this week:

I'll make my predictions separately, as usual.

By the way, initial reports suggest Arizona's Kevin Kolb took snaps in practice Wednesday, possibly increasing the likelihood he'll play against the Rams.