2011 Gridiron Challenge: Gore's status

SAN FRANCISCO -- NFC West teams play the late games Sunday. That means I've got no excuses if my Gridiron Challenge again features players named inactive on game day.

Yes, that was Philadelphia's DeSean Jackson leading a season-low 79-point showing for my team last week. Frank Gore finished with zero points. Cam Newton scored only 13. Taking a bargain-basement flyer on Eddie Royal worked out poorly, too.

Gore's status against Arizona stands as the primary fantasy-related issue in the NFC West this week. I've removed Gore from my lineup as a precaution, figuring the 49ers could limit his carries or even hold him out altogether. The team listed Gore as questionable Friday.

We'll get the lists of inactive players about 90 minutes before the 4:05 p.m. ET kickoff. I'll watch Gore during warm-ups and pass along what I see.

We're at that point during the Gridiron Challenge season when bye weeks have forced us to release top players or suffer through a scoreless bye week with them. I released Aaron Rodgers and Adrian Peterson during their bye weeks and have tried to patch with value players, with mixed results.

msclemons67 is our outright leader with 1,398 points, having gotten 80 point last week from Arian Foster, Rodgers and DeMarco Murray alone. But with Matt Schaub suffering a foot injury, roster decisions await for Week 11.