49ers, Ravens both built through draft

Two of the NFL's more home-grown teams face one another when the San Francisco 49ers visit the Baltimore Ravens in Week 12.

The 49ers had 36 of their own draft choices on their 53-man roster and injured reserve list heading into Week 11, according to the rosters I maintain for every team in the league. The 49ers' opponent Thursday, Baltimore, has 31 such players. Both teams rank among the NFL leaders in that category.

The St. Louis Rams are tied for last with only 20 such players.

Holding onto one's draft choices does not ensure success, obviously. Some teams without very many of their own choices are doing just fine. The goal, of course, should be to build through the draft. The teams ranking among the leaders in this category are either winning this season or have won quite a bit in recent years.

Teams' Own Draft Choices on 53-man Rosters, Plus IR