Mailbag: Queen of England likes Colts

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Dan from parts unknown writes: I don't care how bad they played in their opener. you honestly believe the colts are the 10th-best team in NFL? If so, I am not sure I ever want to visit espn.com again because if you're experts, I'm the freakin queen of england!

Mike Sando: Thanks for writing, your majesty. I do care how poorly teams played in their openers. That likely explains our disagreement. The power rankings do not reflect which teams we think will be best in Week 17. They reflect which teams we think are best heading into Week 2. Sorry for any confusion.

Alex from San Francisco writes: When will the NFL step up and fix the situation with the 49ers? The team needs new ownership.
Mike Sando: Perhaps when the fans demand it, according to Nancy Gay of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Matt from Charlotte, N.C., writes: Mike, I'm a 40 year Niner fan who tries to stay very objective on my team. Your article was the best, most objective assessment of Week 1 and thank you for covering the team as such. I read all the sites, articles and blogs and none are better than yours. Keep it up. I see a huge improvement in the Niner offense. If the D and Special Teams comes back around as they were last year, this team will compete week in and out. Matt
Mike Sando: Thanks, Matt. Another reader thought I was really "sugar-coating" it to suggest the 49ers' offense had made strides. But my comments were all relative to just how poorly the offense performed last season. With that in mind, the progress seemed undeniable to me. Glad you agreed.

Duke from Portland, Ore., writes: Sandstorm, Since the Seahawks released Jordan Kent and Justin Forsett and they have only one spot available on the practice squad, whom do you expect them to sign? (Since most, if not all other teams have theirs filled out, I expect they'll both make it through waivers.) How long does this generally take? Also, Kent was on it last year, is he even eligible still? Thanks..
Mike Sando: Sandstorm is a new one to me. Not bad. Kent and Forsett both have practice-squad eligibility because neither has been on the 45-man game-day roster for nine games in a season. Once a player is waived, other teams have 24 hours to submit a waiver claim. If no claim is made, the team that waived the player is free to re-sign him to the active roster or practice squad (if eligible).

I could see Seattle bringing back both players on the practice squad, but I would not speculate on which player might be released.

Kenny from parts unknown writes: Mike, what are the 49ers' chances of winning at Seattle? I know the Seahawks have a rash of injuries to their wideouts, but a are very strong team at home, I know if the 49ers cut down on turnovers I think they have a better than even chance of winning. What do you think?
Mike Sando: Better than even? That might be a little strong. I do give the 49ers a chance because they can run the ball, and because Seattle's offense has some issues.

Kevin from Richland, Wash., writes: Mike, With all the injuries at wideout is Seattle talking to 'Zona about Anquan?
Mike Sando: The Cardinals are on the record saying they are not trading Boldin. There is nothing to talk about right now. Also, the Cardinals presumably would not trade a top play to their primary division rival.

Nette from Seattle writes: So what does McMullen exactly bring to the Hawks, Sando? and if they signed him, why didn't they just go after a big-time receiver instead..i guess as a Hawks fan i'm just getting frustrated because it doesn't seem like they know what they're doing. for the hawks to be on the big stage again i think they'll need to suck it up and just go after a big name receiver so Matt has someone relevant to throw to.... i don't know i guess i'm just a frustrated Hawks fan...
Mike Sando: Adding a big-time receiver isn't always an option. Which team is going to trade a big-time receiver after Week 1? I cannot think of one right now. Lots of teams signed stopgap veterans to patch for injuries after the first game. The best players are already signed and starting elsewhere.

Kevin from Spokane, Wash., writes: Do you have any knowledge of the who and why of cutting Justin Forsett? You need depth at running back and you need a quality return man, so the logic behind that move baffles the hell out of me. The only size that matters is that young man's heart. And is Jones an upgrade over Alexander? Not!! This is not rocket science! With moves like this, we could surely bolt to the cellar of the NFC West. I am a lifetime fan and this is the dumbest move in Seahawk history, surpassing McGwire, Rick Mirer, or Bosworth! Upset in Spokane...Kevin. Look at Jacksonville and their backs. Look at history, my oh my!
Mike Sando: Your frustration is understandable following such a bad Week 1 game for Seattle, but the league might disagree with you. Alexander wasn't even on a roster last week. If Seattle cut Julius Jones, someone would sign him quickly, in my estimation. Justin Forsett has potential. He is not a proven return specialist. The Seahawks would like him back at some point. I would personally rather have Forsett than a second kicker, but no one is offering me jobs as a general manager, either.

Michael from Stockton, Calif., writes: Why did da 49ers start da game in a 4-3? Also when they go back to their 3-4 will Takeo Spikes be playing WLB or OLB? Can u also tell me what are their chances on winning the NFC West?
Mike Sando: The 49ers consider themselves to be a hybrid defense. Justin Smith is a big part of what they want to do. He has also been a 4-3 defensive end. The 49ers have listed him as a weak outside linebacker. In a 3-4, Spikes would be the strong inside linebacker, but he would have to beat out Jeff Ulbrich.