Stick a fork in the Cardinals? Not so fast

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The Cardinals were supposedly the worst team in playoff history entering the 2008 postseason. This season, they probably should have quit after losing the season opener, former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson declared Sunday during the Fox NFL Sunday.

"I know it’s just one game, but stick a fork in them," Johnson said. "They're done. They lost a couple of outstanding coordinators. They've got disgruntled, injured receivers and a quarterback that's just a couple years younger than me and he's hurt. With their schedule, it’ll be tough for them to win three games by midseason."

One down, two to go. The Cardinals beat a bad team in Jacksonville, but they beat them soundly and Warner was outstanding. They do face a tough game Sunday night against the Colts in Arizona, but the Week 4 bye should allow Warner, Steve Breaston, Anquan Boldin and Chike Okeafor a chance to rest.

The Cardinals do have five road games in a seven-game stretch in the middle of the season. They could be 3-5 at the midpoint, but they could finish strong and still win the division. Once a team wins a division, even the worst team in playoff history has a chance.