You called it: Fearless predictions (Week 15)

There was a point Monday night when my 23-6 prediction for a Seattle Seahawks victory seemed about right.

The eventual final score, 30-13 over the St. Louis Rams, kept my name off the Wall of Fame. Two others made it. Congratulations to FanBasher and gsaran, first-time winners with a score, 30-13, that had not won previously.

We've had 99 winners since the 2008 season. Twelve went with 17-13. Eleven went with 31-17. Those are the only final scores with more than seven winners.

Four non-division games await NFC West teams in Week 15. Those using the comments section of this item to correctly predict scores and outcomes for the following games earn a spot on the Wall:

I'll make my predictions Friday, as usual. Note that NFC West teams are averaging 13 points per game against the AFC North this season.