Power play: Help sought on power rankings

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Five of the six teams ranked highest in the Week 2 power rankings lost.

The 49ers are among eight 2-0 teams heading into the Monday night matchup featuring the 1-0 Colts and 0-1 Dolphins.

Should the Giants move into the No. 1 overall spot?

How high should the 49ers and Cardinals climb following impressive performances?

How far should the Seahawks fall after losing to the 49ers and possibly losing Matt Hasselbeck, among others?

Did the Rams do enough at Washington to move up from the bottom? If so, which team becomes No. 32? The five teams ranked lowest in Week 2 lost, perhaps making room for the Rams to advance among them.

The chart reproduces the rankings from last week. Red lettering signifies teams that lost Sunday. Black lettering signifies teams that won, plus the Colts and Dolphins.

I could see dropping Seattle well into the 20s until the Seahawks prove they can overcome the latest round of injuries. The Bears definitely need to climb after defeating the Steelers.

We're early enough in the season to justify some volatility from week to week as teams validate -- or fail to validate -- expectations.

I'll be filing votes after the Monday night game, with results posting here Tuesday. Fire away.