Steelers fans: No prob finding Candlestick

SAN FRANCISCO -- The Pittsburgh Steelers just ran onto the field at Candlestick Park to rather thunderous approval.

Terrible Towels filled the air above fans' heads all around the stadium. A few trips around the concourse earlier Monday validated a heavy presence of Steelers fans in the stadium. That is fairly typical. The Steelers have fans everywhere, and their fans travel well for games -- especially big games.

I'll never forget settling into my seat at Ford Field for Super Bowl XL and suddenly finding myself awash in a sea of terrycloth yellow when the Steelers ran onto the field. That was essentially a home game for Pittsburgh, minus the elements.

In my experience, fans eager to watch their teams on the road tend to find their seats earlier than the locals. I'm expecting the many still-empty seats at Candlestick to fill with mostly 49ers fans. Still, it's looking like this game will rival the 49ers' game against Dallas for most visiting fans at Candlestick.