You called it: Fearless predictions (Week 16)

The Wall of Fame grew to welcome adc1333 and nlwhittle for their spot-on predictions from Week 15.

Nicely done. Both predicted scores and outcomes for one game involving at least one NFC West team (see Wall below).

Let's open the comments section of this item for Week 16 predictions. Those picking winners and final scores correctly earn NFC West blog immortality. Here are the games:

I'll make my predictions Friday, as usual, after going 3-1 last week. Quite a few have asked for my thoughts on the 49ers and Seahawks. A week ago, I would have taken the Seahawks without much hesitation, based on how the 49ers were playing. The 49ers' performance against Pittsburgh on Monday put San Francisco back on course. I'm undecided.

Note: Thanks to SFC_12thMan for pointing out that he did not have the correct score on the Rams' game against Cincinnati. Thanks for being honest. My mistake.