On the NFL fine for hitting 49ers' Williams

What we learned from the NFL's decision to fine the Seattle Seahawks' Adrian Moten, but not Michael Robinson, for their hits on San Francisco 49ers return specialist Kyle Williams in Week 16:

  • Referee off mark: Ron Winter penalized Robinson for what he described as a helmet-to-helmet hit. The league did not fine Robinson, which means the league did not think helmet-to-helmet contact was a significant issue in relation to this play. This was how I saw the play as well. The issue was hitting Williams late, not with a helmet.

  • Why Moten was fined: The league levied a $7,500 fine against Moten for a late hit. Again, there was no mention of helmet-to-helmet contact. The hit was late if Williams had given himself up on the play, which appeared to be the case for several reasons (he was kneeling, he slapped one hand against the ball in frustration, he was not trying to stand up quickly). Moten and Robinson converged on Williams simultaneously. For that reason, I'm not sure why only Moten was fined.

More fine-related stuff in a bit, hopefully.