Advancing the conversation on Rams' Bulger

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

What has Marc Bulger shown so far? Stltoday.com asked the question and it's a good one. Bulger

I think Bulger has ranked among the least of the Rams' worries through two games. He is not the problem, in my view, but is he part of the solution? I think he could be.

Bulger has appeared more demonstrative and competitive through his actions and body language this season. He occasionally showed an edge in the past. I've seen it more consistently through two games and that's something I've felt was lacking at times in the past. The Rams' failures and the pounding Bulger took seemed to beat him down some.

The Rams are not good enough at receiver right now and Bulger is again taking too much punishment. But I admired the way he stood tough against the rush at Washington and made throws even when punishment was imminent. He scrambled and absorbed big hits without leaving the game. The way he backed up his promise to return quickly from a broken right pinky finger was another positive sign. He hasn't used the injury as an excuse. Those were the areas I thought Bulger needed to establish himself and he is doing that.

It's easy to point to the Rams' record in recent seasons as evidence against Bulger even though no one would hold that evidence against, say, Steven Jackson. While the quarterback does deserve more of the credit and blame in most cases, the Rams have been a mess. I think the organization has dragged down Bulger far more than Bulger has dragged down the organization. Give him more help and watch his strengths, notably accuracy, rise to the surface.