Oh, brother: Fitzgerald downplays comments

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Larry Fitzgerald's brother referred to Kurt Warner as an old man while lamenting the lack of passes thrown to Larry through two games. The comments, since deleted from Marcus Fitzgerald's Twitter account, struck me as insignificant.

Players' families can be as passionate as any fan, except it's personal. Fitzgerald was frustrated Sunday. Warner said he knew Fitzgerald was frustrated. I'm sure Josh Morgan and Isaac Bruce and T.J. Houshmandzadeh and most receivers, NFC West or otherwise, think the ball should come their way more frequently. Their brothers simply haven't tweeted about it.

Warner shrugged off the comments earlier in the week. Fitzgerald took his turn Wednesday.

"I kind of chuckled about it because everybody in here knows me and Kurt’s relationship and that is never going to be effected by anything outlandish like that," Fitzgerald said. "Anybody that knows me and Kurt knows that is my closest friend on the team. He has always been there for me and I am always going to be there for him, long after I can't run and catch anymore and long after he can't throw anymore. I am still going to be his friend, he is still going to be my friend and that is the way our relationship is always going to be."

The situation has produced a positive outcome. Marcus Fitzgerald is apparently going to work at Warner's next camp. "He is going to be taking out the garbage and whatever else Kurt needs," Fitzgerald said, adding that he was "disappointed" in his brother's comments.

But is he frustrated? "I am OK, honestly. I am really not frustrated. It is early in the season, we are only in Week 3 and I am going to get my opportunities. I know that and I just have to make sure mentally and physically that I am prepared when those opportunities come, and play the way I am able to play."