Sando says: Tell me where to go

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Choosing which NFC West game to cover became easy last season when the Cardinals ran away with the division.

The choices could be tougher in 2009 and, like last year, I welcome your suggestions.

This week was tough. I needed to make a decision quickly Sunday and chose the only NFL game featuring 2-0 teams: 49ers at Vikings. As much as the records justify covering that game in person, traveling to Minneapolis means skipping the Cardinals' home game against the Colts -- Peyton Manning and Kurt Warner in the same stadium.

The chart shows how many times I've seen each NFC West team in person this season.

A quick look at the travel schedule so far, followed by a look at the possibilities for the next several weeks:

Week 1: 49ers at Cardinals

Week 2: Seahawks at 49ers

Week 3: 49ers at Vikings

Week 4

    1. Rams at 49ers. A chance to see the Rams, finally.

    2. Seahawks at Colts. Let's see how Seattle is playing.

    3. Cardinals bye

Week 5

1. Falcons at 49ers. Niners could be 3-1 or 4-0 here.

2. Texans at Cardinals. Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Andre Johnson in the same stadium.

3. Vikings at Rams. Adrian Peterson's NFC West tour continues.

4. Jaguars at Seahawks. Another game against the AFC South.

Week 6

1. Cardinals at Seahawks. Can Cardinals win at Qwest again?

2. Rams at Jaguars. Steven Jackson and Maurice Jones-Drew in the same stadium.

3. 49ers bye

Week 7

1. Cardinals at Giants. Where Arizona would have played the NFC title if Giants had beaten Eagles.

2. Colts at Rams. Huge test for improved Rams defense.

3. 49ers at Texans. Nate Clements takes on Johnson.

4. Seahawks bye

Week 8

1. 49ers at Colts. Will the 49ers still be rolling?

2. Seahawks at Cowboys. Possible redemption for left tackle Walter Jones.

3. Rams at Lions. Potential road victory?