Rams' GM: 'How the hell does he know?'

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

You can't accuse Rams general manager Billy Devaney of failing to compete. And you're going to get a fight if you accuse his team of failing to do so.

ESPN's Mark Schlereth will have some explaining to do the next time he sees one of the men responsible for drafting him to the Redskins in 1989.

The Parris & Burwell Show on 101ESPN St. Louis has the full audio and it's an instant classic. Schlereth, appearing on Mike and Mike In the Morning, said the Rams were in "shambles" and failing to compete early in the season.

Billy Devaney: "Well, you know that halfway ticks me off because I was the one who scouted 'Stinky' when he was a little slappy coming out of Idaho and nobody even knew who he was. And now he's on the air pontificating like an expert. I'm going to have to have a talk with my man Schlereth and set him straight because we are not in shambles. We're 0-2, that's for sure, and nobody feels good about that whatsoever, but there is no doubt in anybody's mind over here that this thing is headed in the right direction. Like I said, I don't know how fast it's going to take before we get there. But I think we're well on our way to getting this thing righted.

Parris & Burwell then played the offending audio.

Mike Greenberg: "True or false, Stink. The Rams are the worst team in the NFL."

Schlereth: "I'm going to say true. They are just not very good any way you look at it, all the way around on both sides of the ball. They're not getting it done, they're not competing. Steven Jackson is a supreme running back in this league. Seventeen carries last week for 100 yards. Everything is a shambles.

The clip ended and Burwell continued the conversation with Devaney.

Burwell: "Now, to me, I think there is a distinctive difference when talking about the state of the current team and the state of the franchise. That sounded to me like he was simply talking about the state of this season. I don't know."

Billy Devaney: "Well, I'll be honest. I've got to take a deep breath because that really pisses me off. When he says something like we're not competing, how the hell does he know? I guarantee he hasn't watched either one of our games, so you can say we had a stinker in Seattle and we made a ton of mistakes and that is fine. There is no argument. But to say we're not competing is totally asinine. Whatever. We're 0-2, we gotta eat everything right now. That is fine. All we can do is just line up and play on Sunday and try to win some games and change peoples' minds about.

I'm going to take Devaney's side in this one. The Rams are definitely competing. They were competitive for most of the season opener and all of the second game, both on the road. They have obvious shortcomings, but the team has fought hard and shown improvement.