QB coach's firing logical -- if Haley returns

Kevin Kolb did not meet expectations during his first season with the Arizona Cardinals.

Looks like quarterbacks coach Chris Miller will pay the price.

The bigger question is whether or not Miller's firing Monday clears the way for Todd Haley's rehiring three years after Haley left the Cardinals to become head coach in Kansas City. Firing Miller makes less sense on the surface unless the team has other plans for its staff.

Haley could have opportunities outside Arizona. It's also not clear whether or not Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt wants to shuffle his staff beyond firing Miller. The team promoted Mike Miller to offensive coordinator a year ago. Haley presumably would not take a job as a position coach. He would need to be coordinator. That would affect Mike Miller.

Wedging in the sometimes brash Haley at the expense of two assistants would affect broader staff dynamics as well.

Miller, 46, became the Cardinals' quarterbacks coach in 2009, Kurt Warner's final season with the team. He was a finalist to become head coach at Southern Oregon University a year ago. Miller played extensively in the NFL, but he did not have coaching experience in the league until the Cardinals hired him as a coaching intern in 2007.

Chris Miller obviously wasn't solely to blame for the Cardinals' issues at quarterback or for their offensive decline.

Warner retired and the team parted with receivers Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston. Derek Anderson and Max Hall were not necessarily viable quarterback alternatives in 2010. The team went into 2011 with the unproven Kolb and John Skelton atop its QB depth chart. A lockout prevented Kolb from working with the team much before the season.

The Cardinals have done little to improve their offensive line through the draft. Injuries affected Kolb and both top running backs, Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams.