What Rams' contingencies say about Fisher

While the St. Louis Rams wait for Jeff Fisher, the team is lining up interviews with additional candidates.

Jay Gruden, offensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals and brother to Jon, is apparently on the interview schedule for Thursday, Bernie Miklasz notes. Denver Broncos assistant Dennis Allen is also interviewing.

This could be a case of the Rams simply doing their diligence. It could also indicate the Rams feel as though Fisher is slipping away. Or, they simply do not know what to think.

The father-son relationship between Fisher's agent, Marvin Demoff, and Rams executive Kevin Demoff hardly guarantees Fisher will land in St. Louis. It's reasonable to think that relationship would help the Rams have an accurate feel for Fisher's intentions, however.

If the Rams were confident in landing Fisher, they would have less reason to speak with other candidates -- particularly coordinators, who could not join the organization in any capacity other than as head coaches.

There's a danger in overthinking what still could be a straightforward situation. The longer Fisher takes to decide, however, the more our minds wander.

We know Fisher is the Rams' top choice. The team has said so. Landing a secondary candidate would feel like settling.

The irony, in my view, is that even Fisher would have a hard time improving upon a Steve Spagnuolo-Josh McDaniels pairing purely from a scheme standpoint. What kind of staff could Gruden, Allen or the other backup candidates put together?