101ESPN St. Louis audio: Miklasz Show

The St. Louis Rams and San Francisco 49ers naturally dominated the latest NFC West conversation with Bernie Miklasz on 101ESPN St. Louis.

That audio is available here. This was from Tuesday.

Bernie and I both like the 49ers' chances against New Orleans in the divisional playoffs Saturday. We also discussed the Rams' ongoing coaching/general manager search. We agreed that landing an offensive-minded coach would be preferred if the team did not hire Jeff Fisher. And we raised questions about the offense anyway.

Bernie: "Even if they hire Fisher, there is a question about what kind of offensive acumen they would have. The league is changing. It is evolving. Yeah, you can still run the ball [primarily] and still make the playoffs. The Niners showed that, Houston showed that. Cincinnati, to a lesser extent, showed that. ... But boy, you had better have an evolved passing game if at all possible. I think that is a legitimate question about Jeff Fisher and the kind of offense he would have here. Is it a little outdated?"

My response is at about the 6:35 mark in this 16-minute audio clip.