A few thoughts on Todd Haley's prospects

A few quick thoughts on Adam Schefter's note about former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley, a potential candidate to rejoin the Arizona Cardinals, first considering an opportunity with the New York Jets:

  • Does Haley feel as though the Arizona opportunity will be there for him no matter what? He's obviously considering other opportunities first. The Cardinals cleared a spot on their staff by firing quarterbacks coach Chris Miller. The Jets job would include the title of assistant head coach, according to Schefter. Russ Grimm holds that title in Arizona.

  • Looks like Haley isn't sprinting back to the Cardinals to affix his name to an offense featuring Kevin Kolb and John Skelton as the primary quarterbacks. Then again, where are the Jets headed with Mark Sanchez?

  • If Haley takes a job other than coordinator with the Jets -- Schefter says the job would be assistant head coach, with Tony Sparano as coordinator -- would he essentially become passing game coordinator? And what job could he have gotten in Arizona?

Should be an interesting day on the coaching front. Seems like we should learn more on Haley and, separately, Jeff Fisher.