XTRA910 audio: On those sizzling Giants

Among the subjects Dan Bickley, Mike Jurecki and I discussed during our weekly spot on XTRA Sports 910 AM in Phoenix:

  • 49ers vs. Giants: Just how hot are the New York Giants right now, and what does it mean for the San Francisco 49ers? Having already gone on record picking the 49ers to win, I'm not sure that's the most important question. New Orleans was the hottest team last week, right? The Giants and 49ers reached this game by playing well in the divisional round. They're both hot right now. Both have reason to like their chances. I tend to think a New York team's exploits get amplified. The 49ers remind me of the 2008 Cardinals and the 2005 Seahawks -- not in composition, but more as good teams running under the radar while the NFL establishment gets to know them.

  • Rams and London: Rams fans in St. Louis were losers when the NFL announced the team would play one home game overseas in each of the next three seasons. Bernie Miklasz's take for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch lines up closely with the way I see things. This looks like owner Stan Kroenke currying favor with the league and putting pressure on St. Louis to upgrade the Edward Jones Dome by stirring fears the team will relocate once its lease ends.

  • Cardinals and Haley: Bickley's column suggesting the Cardinals should make a push for Todd Haley with less regard for short-term staff dynamics made compelling points, I thought. That's not to say Arizona should push for Haley at all costs. I just thought Bickley raised a valid point in saying the Cardinals' offense hasn't been good enough lately to justify staying the course just because it's the comfortable thing to do. To be fair, though, the team did fire quarterbacks coach Chris Miller, so it's not like the team is standing pat entirely.

  • Seahawks: What, no Seahawks this time? That's actually a good thing in some ways. It means the team has made it through most of January without other teams raiding Pete Carroll's coaching staff. Keeping Tom Cable in place to oversee the offensive line and the running game has to be a top priority this offseason. So far, so good for Seattle.

All or now. I'm heading out to San Francisco on Saturday. Thanks to those who've asked about the power situation here in the Northwest. We've been without power since Thursday but are otherwise fine.