Back at ya: Rams respond on London

The St. Louis Rams have responded to the city's stadium authority with a statement of their own.

They obviously were not happy with the Convention and Visitors Commission publicly challenging the Rams' plans to play three home games in London over the next three seasons.

"We think that playing in London is great for the Rams and great for St. Louis," the team said. "We are in talks with the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission, which is also the region's chief marketing group, about how to make the most of this opportunity. As the CVC said today, this will 'elevate an awareness of St. Louis on the global stage.' We look forward to having amicable and meaningful dialogue with the CVC on many issues and believe those conversations should remain between the parties."

Please shut up, in other words.

There was nothing particularly amicable about the CVC's statement or the Rams' response, or about Rams owner Stan Kroenke previously going out of his way to take a noncommittal stance amid questions about the team's future in St. Louis. The Rams hold the upper hand in the long term because they control the team ultimately. In the meantime, both parties have grasped for leverage when it was available.