Rams haven't found bottom yet

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Giants coach Tom Coughlin knows what it's like to be coaching for his job. Most coaches do. That's probably one reason they often say nice things about one another, even when there aren't many nice thing to say.

Coughlin experienced one of those moments when reporters asked him if he spoke with Rams coach Scott Linehan after the Giants' 41-13 victory in Week 2. Looking for positives on the Rams, Coughlin didn't have much material.

Coughlin: "I really didn't have time to say a whole lot. [Defensive coordinator] Jim Haslett I saw, and waved to [assistant] Rick Venturi and some of those guys. I will say this about it, they played hard. They played tough, they played hard, we knew they would. They were at home, they were physical, they came out and executed their plan, they were in position in the fourth quarter to win the game, so I think that they have many talented football players. I mean, look at their kicking game. I realize they are 0-2, but they have a talented group."

"I mean, look at their kicking game?" Sadly, that's what it has come to for the Rams. Josh Brown booted a couple of 54-yard field goals.

Between May and August, the Rams dropped further in my mind than any team in the league. Injuries seemed to doom them in 2007. A return to health seemed to suggest improvement for this season. But the closer I looked at the Rams, the more I wondered about their depth. They've had a few injuries now, and the schedule isn't helping.

Before the season, I charitably penciled in an improbable home victory over the Giants in Week 2 only because I had the Rams' starting record at 1-9 without it. This team might be headed that way from what we've seen so far.