On Aaron Rodgers' Pro Bowl complaints

INDIANAPOLIS -- Retired tight end Todd Christensen once half-jokingly said he could "smell the Mai Tais in the huddle" during Pro Bowl games.

The annual all-star game has always been a farce.

Aaron Rodgers thought things went too far during the most recent game Sunday.

"I felt like some of the guys on the NFC side embarrassed themselves," Rodgers told ESPN 540 in Milwaukee. "I was just surprised that some of the guys either didn't want to play or when they were in there didn't put any effort into it."

OK, then. What to do?

Canceling the game is one option. Keeping the current setup is another. Upping the financial stakes for winning the Pro Bowl stands out to me as the only way to ensure a higher level of play. But doing so would diminish the experience for players, who mostly enjoy the camaraderie.

I'd be interested in your take. It's something I'll revisit later in the day.